In Development

Define the classification model

Expert/Experimental property: Define classification model (optional - default model for each devicePosition will be overwritten)

let device = Device(deviceID: ""
deviceType: .iPhone,
----> classificationModel: .specific(1915)
// options: .belly, .leftUpperArm, .chest, specific(TestRunID)

Note: On the simulator the sdk only works with belly-based classification models such as .belly.


This function enables the sensor position to be determined during running/jogging.

Start device position classification while running

// Start classification of device position and orientation with timeout
timeoutSeconds: 5,
isConnected: {
// Do something if connected successful
}, connectingFailed: { error in
// Do something if connecting failed
}).done { stats in
// Do something with the stats

Note: If you start movement classification before device position classification timeout ends → automatic stopping of device position classification and return unknown position and unknown orientation


typealias DevicePositionOrientation = (DevicePosition, DeviceOrientation, String)
// (classified device positon,
// classified device orientation,
// json string with collected statstic data)